Publishers Clearing House/Mega Millions James White 8038668967

Scam Number: 8038668967 PCH/Mega Millions James White
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this call:

This is close to the most nonsensical bastardisation of the English language I’ve ever heard.
Then again, I never hold high hopes for life losers

A pleasant good morning.
This is mister James White, at the “megger” millions.
However, if you’ve contact the “megger millions” here however and to speak to mister James White and you haven’t get through to me, please to leave a voice message, or give us back a call at out our a toll free number
Please to give us a call ,it’s very, very “hurgent”, please to give us a call, or leave a voice message.
We’ll be more than thankful and glad to give you a ca…beep

These would probably be those cheap arsed imaginary toll free numbers, AKA TextNow

I just thought I’d throw in the fact this number has been active since Thursday, 3 November 2021


803-866-8967 John Cole Sunday 11-6-22 4:25PM EST
Badge #803800JC

That would be the fourth different name they’ve used today

James Anderson (This was the original name from Last November also)
James Parker
David White

This number has had many different incarnations over the last 12 months

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803-866-8967 Still Active John Cole Friday 11-11-22 8:10PM EST

803-866-8967 Still Active James White/Mary VM Wednesday 11-23-22 8:33PM EST

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I got a voicemail, about the megger millions.

I originally got “Mary” who was obviously a male. Didn’t have a way to record it. But when I did call back I got the VM which I wanted, and that was all I needed.

803-866-8967 Still Active James Whites VM Sunday 1-8-23 8:10PM EST

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(803) 866-8967 is a voip number serviced by TextNow - 360 Networks - SVR