Publishers Clearing House/American Shoppers Award/Mega Millions/Readers Digest 2064861894

Scam Number: 2064861894 PCH/American Shoppers Award
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this call: A block search of the entire vicinity revealed many numbers with the identical menu message

2064861894 PCH/American Shoppers Award


206-486-1894 VM. Tuesday 11-1-22 9:47PM EST

I think the 206#s are down for pch a block think whole block down

206-486-1894 Mike Lopez. Wednesday 11-2-22 4:14PPM EST 1st VM
2,500 Vanilla Gift Card


No luck for me this morn

206-486-1894 Still Active James Carter Thursday 11-17-22 11:38PM EST

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still active, but going straight to VM.

206-486-1894 Still Active James Carter Sunday 12-11-22 7:45PM EST