Publishers Clearing House/American cash awards Mr Andy Goldberg

Scam Number: 8882356908 PCH/American cash awards Mr Andy Goldberg
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this call:

I block hunted this number on Tuesday 18th September
I was just going through my database and found Andy Goldbrick still active on it and realised it wasn’t listed anywhere
When I first found it he was using another of his 50,000 aliases, Mr Mike Wilson

Well it’s listed now

8882356908 PCH/American cash awards Mr Andy Goldberg/Mr Mike Wilson


This unregistered dog is still active on this toll free number

My partner in crime is on a call with him currently and after that this number is going to be closed down with many thousands of rapid fire calls.
He is owed a cashiers check for $7.5 million from an old lottery winning, which will be delivered to him today as soon as the 1% (his mathematical skills are not good at all) which apparently equates to a $9500 :thinking: transfer of outstanding government fees and taxes is made
Just as everyone has these outstanding winnings and taxes due

I’ll see if I can grab a few of those audio calls out of the brand new and 10 fold upgraded bit of technology we’re taking for a test drive today of him blowing a gasket at his phone lighting up like a Christmas tree.

He’s currently giving up his second Wells Fargo bank account for a direct transfer in less than 12 minutes and two characters.
We might see if we can break our own record with these twits of 8 accounts in just over 40 minutes.
Not looking likely time wise, as he’s desperately calling around to his knuckle dragging buddies for another bank account they’re in need of having closed down.
Here it comes right now!

Our contact at Wells Fargo has the details already and they were appreciative as always for the information. :+1:

Then it can hopefully cost him next more than the GDP of next months banana harvest in phone calls and no more victim calls for this number will be possible.

The big smacking machine is whirring into action right now

Say goodnight to the pixies Gracie!!

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What a shame, his number went down
He was swearing like a drunken sailor as the calls came at him nonstop
“Why don’t you fuck off”, seemed to be the most common theme

This exact same audio was sounding many times while he was being called and now this is all that’s audible
That’s awfully bad luck Andy Goldbrick

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Nice job, as always! Much respect

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