Publisher's Clearing House (845) 887-1286

Got human 5/10 at 11:56 a.m. Human told me to go f-ck a donkey.

Hoarding number changer tho

Changed number answered sounds AMERICAN…Male answers … Ask how direct call … what do u say? to the prize dept?

Wow I can’t believe I won. I spoke to Mr. David Richman and I have a UPS package claim for $18.5 million. Plus I get $7000 a week for the rest of my life. But that’s not all because they are shipping me a 2021 SUV Mercedes Benz jeep. Absolutely amazing I don’t even think that car is made yet. Mr. Richmond and I discussed how we can get into my computer. Eventually I was told that publishers clearing House we cover 99% of the taxes but then I had to come up with 1% of the taxes or$ 999.99 to get my winnings. This could be done by going to CVS and getting 21 vanilla cards for $500 each. At this point I unloaded on Mr. Richman suggesting that he perform a biologically impossible activity.

get this bozo

Calling again :joy:… Rings textnow # lect message

Called me back :joy:… I left message … He wants me to scatch the vanilla card

Such scams originate in Jamaica

@drwat#192373 had slight british accent but thought he was indian :joy:


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Jamaica, Bluefields

Orientation portrait-primary

Timezone America/Jamaica EST <<<<< JAMAICA

User Time Mon May 10 2021 19:28:21 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

@drwat#192376 Hoarding shit out of them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:changing number …

Still hoarding :joy:they answer sometimes…


He told me his name was Robert Williams, and the same exact details up above. He said to call him back at 7:00 in the morning (mind you I live in CA using a VPN so technically the time is 7:00 PST) and he said to call him at a different number (854)-800-0168. My 'real' name 🤣 Jennifer Arlington is supposed to send him $5,500 USD through my Mastercard (Online Generator) and he'll be pissed when I screw with him. Someone PLEASE CALL HIM.


100% Jamaican. Many Indians went as indentured labor by East India Company, to west Indies a century ago

Its still alive folks :joy:

Still alive, told me all the same info