Publishers Clearing House 845-209-3951

8452093951 PCH claim code 7711

Active answering

Robocall :arrow_down:

Hi. My name is Deborah Holland. This is an important message from the Publishers Clearinghouse Prize patrol team signed and approved by the Sweet Stakes Audit Bureau. Congratulations on being a first place winner from our grand promotion. Did you check your mailbox or your email? Your confirmation number is 7711. Please contact our prize patrol team at your earliest convenience to make preparations for prize delivery at 845-209-3951. I repeat, 845-209-3951. Congratulations once more. Thanks.

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One skittish fool… Sounded like he was about to cry :sob:


First call: 1 ring hang.

These scammers are repeat targets
If you have only one number then chances are they have you pegged
I hear so many people saying numbers are dead when the truth is their number is blocked from a previous scam the call centre of grifter was doing

I rotate any numbers which start to get known on a monthly basis
with a current pool of 422 numbers, which is still too many but I know I can never be blocked by anyone.
I did have over 500 this time last year but

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I have two. Talkatone, Textnow.
So badly want a third - on the Google Voice platform.