Publishers Clearing House 718-962-9682 / 516-399-3629

7189629682 PCH claim code 7711

Weird…just robocalled and the number is not active??

The number used to send the robocalls out is also a new one and also active voicemail
5163993629 PCH claim code 7711

Robocall :arrow_down:

Hi. My name is Deborah Holland. This is an important message from the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol team, signed and approved by the Sweep Stakes Audit Bureau. Congratulations on being a first place winner from our grand promotion. Did you check your mailbox or your email? Your confirmation number is 7711. Please contact our prize patrol team at your earliest convenience to make preparations for prize delivery at 718-962-9682. I repeat, 718-962-9682. Congratulations once more. Thanks for making it.

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516-399-3629 Peter Anderson Tuesday 3-14-23 12:19PM EST

Got him on the line David Anderson


His cell phone 516-268-1170.


Spoke with the scammer at 516-399-3629 he gave me some real insight on how they operate. They track all incoming numbers and can tell if the number is a baiter from the past if they use the same number to call back plus other stuff.

516-268-1170 David Peterson Wednesday 3-15-23 11:54PM EST

516-399-3629 Still Active VM Wednesday 3-22-23 9:16PM EST

516-268-1170 Still Active David Peterson Thursday 3-23-23 7:56AM EST