Publishers Clearing House 531-365-0799 / 256-607-3756

5313650799 PCH

Generic voicemail (05:00am est)

2566073756 PCH

Number directed to call back in the robocall (The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service)
This number may become active tomorrow and beyond during the day

Robocall :arrow_down:

Good day. This is an official call from the Publisher’s Clearing House. This is in regards to a cash prize you have won in our monthly promotion. You have won yourself $5,500,000 and a brand new 2022 Mercedes Benz S class. Also a $10,000 weekly payout for life. For further information, please contact our official prize, validators at the Publishers Clearing House headquarters. Our contact number is 256-607-3756. Again, that’s 256-607-3756, thank you. For clarity and assurance, please keep your prize information strictly confidential until you speak to a claim agent at the PCH headquarters. To speak to a claim agent, press one.