Publishers Clearing House 516-895-3143

5168953143 PCH claim code 40094

[size=4][color=]Active imbecile answering[/color][/size]

Robocall :arrow_down:

(Welcome) to the Publisher Clearing House the house where dreams come true. This is an important notification. My name is Danielle Lam from the Prize Patrol Unit. This call is to inform you that you’re the lucky winner of $7,000 weekly for life in our monthly grand prize giveaway. To claim your prize, please contact our claims department on 516-895-3143. Have you checked your mail or your email? Your claim number is 40094. I repeat, 40094. Due to your mailing subscription your prize has been approved by Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale. Congratulations. For more information on how to claim your prize, please press zero for our next customer service agents. To replay this message, press one. To opt out, press two. Thanks again from the Publisher Clearinghouse.

still active

Robocalling with these same pair of numbers again/still

516-895-3143 is active - David Washington.
Prone to rage.


What a shame :wink::rofl:

516-895-3143 James Winther Wednesday 5-24-23 2:44PM EST

I never do that
It’s quite rude to keep people awake, while I never sleep searching for thousands of call centre numbers
…actually, that’s a complete lie.
I do it around the clock every day :grin:


he got pissed and start playing Loud Jamaican Music

516-895-3143 Still Active Gary Bartsdale Thursday 6-8-23 11:21PM EST

This is still being referred to as the number to dial in robocalls

5168953143 PCH claim code 40094