Publishers Clearing House 516-856-5019

5168565019 PCH claim code 4747

Congratulations. This is Deborah Holland, the vice president here at the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes and Lottery Company. We are proud to inform you from our house to yours as you were selected as our first place brand promotion super prize. Winner of a whopping $18.5 million and a brand new suit Mercedes bed and a bonus prize of $7,000 each and every week from our our Cash for Life Promotions. Your confirmation number is 4747. Again, that’s 4747. Please give us a call for further information on your prize winnings at 516-856-5019. Again, that’s 516-856-5019. Thanks for making it Publishers Clearinghouse, where dreams comes to reality. Goodbye.


they just a teed sleepy this morning, they don’t feel like picking up on me.

It’s not you
They’re around, just not on any of these new robocall voicemail numbers
I can’t tell you where they’re definitely active today, I’ve not set all their numbers into my dialer yet today, to get them answering all their different phones and numbers in rapid succession.

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they probably still down singing the blues after multiple scambaiters keep finding their mules.

516-856-5019 Still Active VM Friday 3-3-23 7:45PM EST

516-856-5019 Still Active VM Tuesday 3-14-23 1:32AM EST

516-856-5019 Still Active VM Thursday 4-20-23 10:43PM EST