Publishers Clearing House 516-595-8785

5165958785 PCH

Robocall :arrow_down:

Hello, this is the publisher’s clearinghouse Alert System informing you about your prize off $7,000 a week for life. Please call the Publishers clearinghouse at 516-595-8785 press one to transfer your call now. Press one to transfer your call now.


This number has been sending out robocalls multiple times daily

the chickens in the background get me everytime lmao

516-595-8785 Still Active VM Friday 3-3-23 7:50PM EST

This number is robocalling several times daily
I’m very sorry I cannot verify this number any longer because my telco provider has put the number on it’s forbidden number list, after I informed them so their customer base cannot dial the number at all
It’s a price I gladly pay to stop people from calling these pieces of shit. :+1:

Scammer used his cell number of 860-498-6368. No longer coming to the house to give a prize. Darn…

Does this sound like him?

Not sure could be a spoof number.

Doesn’t really sound like a Jamaican, but I could be wrong.

Robocalling again

but who cares anyway right

516-595-8785 Still Active VM Sunday 4-2-23 9:38PM EST

Still active are you?
I know you are a member of this community who has been banned under several names already
I also know your current identity on here
If you thought you could ever elude my attention or knowledge on everything related to the scam world or numbers you have to be joking
I have passed your identity and voice sample recording which have been verified on to law enforcement in two countries both north and south
Stay off the drugs and stop scamming people
I know you and your best buddy find that hard to do and is the reason why he’s currently facing a long prison sentence.
The empire is crumbling rapidly
I have plenty more evidence of what you clowns have been involved in for a long time now

I’m always watching you

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He’s called me so many times, and by the time I get to it he hangs up. Call Back and it goes to VM.

I know precisely who this imbecile is and the arseclowns who are orbiting this group

I always keep an eye on what illegal acts they’re up to including extortion and stand over tactics involving scam call centres with protection rackets
I’m a real investigator and have the most advanced system in operation
I get details telcos would love to know because I work with telco system designers in the building of my system.
I have what they don’t and is the reason why I can track down so many active numbers

Active scammer.