Publishers Clearing House 510-426-9109 / 888-285-0697

5104269109 PCH Todd Sloane claim code 7843155

Voicemail (09:30pm est)

8882850697 PCH Todd Sloane claim code 7843155

Active bastard Todd Sloane right now!! (09:30pm est)

Robocall :arrow_down:

Word. Phone call from the Publisher’s Clearinghouse at 101 Winners Circle, Jericho, New York. This call is to inform you that your name and address have been randomly selected in the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes Contest, which you have won the prize amount of $12.5 million and a brand new 2023 MercedesBenz in the color of your choice. Congratulations. Your prize verification number is 784-3155. That is 784-3155. Please note that this is a certified prize that has been approved by the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, DC. For more information on how to claim your prize, please contact the Claims Department by calling 888-285-0697 that is 888-285-0697. From Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 08:00 A.m. To 05:00 p.m. And on Saturdays, 09:00 A.m. To 04:00 p.m., publishers Clearinghouse would like to take the time out to congratulate you once more. Thanks in a million and have a wonder day.

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You’d better be quick because the massive flooder is going live on this shithead as of right now

He made the fatal mistake of getting himself another toll free number and answered when I found him

It’s going to cost him a lot of his jungle coconut currency

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510-426-9109 Male VM Tuesday 5-23-23 9:58PM EST

888-285-0697 Dave Sayer Tuesday 5-23-23 9:57PM EST

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Davey baby has had about 200 empty or viciously worded voicemails so far…the counter is ticking hahaha


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Shut er down!

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Todd just answered on the 888 number

Thy will be done buddy

Your wish is my command…so is the programming behind some very special dialers and systems is also my command


I’ll update it when he’s had enough of seeing this cost him a small fortune in empty deposit refund rum bottles or second hand meth pipes

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I guess there’s no need in me calling anymore since you have taken care of it. :+1:

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There’s no harm in filling his imbecile voicemail system with pointless call back numbers mate

What a mistake to make!! hahaha :joy::joy:

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I let the pro’s leave the VM’s. I’m not a mean person and if I was I’d be sick all the time. Not my character.

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It’s still active as of typing this

There’s been countless hundreds of voicemails all racking up the $$ count

Some of them have dozens connected simultaneously and he’s being told to get more toll free numbers because the second he opens one we find them and the same punishment will be metered out again.

Keep it up stupid PCH lazy idiots who can’t get a real job

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I have to list another number
The punishment is paused for the moment

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Once again, and I may not say this enough! But you do an AMZAING job for all the time and effort you put into doing this. It’s always a treat to see what your response is going to someone that doesn’t know how to operate this site. None of your responses are the same, that’s what makes this site so much fun. You see and hear all kinds of stuff.


This shithead is answering again and is threatening not only to send the IRS (why he hell would the Internal Revenue Service be in the least bit interested in what I do in stopping an international money laundering criminal) :joy::joy::joy: but is also going to send hitmen to kill us.

He’s putting on a pathetic whiny child voice and whining like a little schoolgirl for the last 4-5 minutes.
We light him up with another several hundred voicemails while he is carrying on like a mentally retarded chimpanzee. :rofl:

He finally just hung up when he was reminded of how much this was costing him and any money he may have stolen from a victim today is rapidly disintegrating into toll free reality.

what a fucking idiot! :partying_face: :clown_face:

A big recording is about to follow

It’s funny as hell

As promised here are a couple of recordings

One he went on for almost 9 minutes of ridiculous shit

The next one is after the wick was turned up and his system was overwhelmed with a gazillion voicemails

He’s made a big mistake tonight and it cost him a lot of stolen victim money to play with the big boys

Enjoy the show folks!! :clown_face: :partying_face: :joy:


I do all I can to stop these vile criminals from snaring a single victim.

A lot of the time that’s not possible with the tens of thousands of quite frankly silly people, who reply to their emails, robocalls or texts, albeit through greed or plain gullibility.
There’s not a lot any of us can do to stop the constant flow of potential victims.
I’ve been doing this for probably longer than anyone else, now into my 4th decade of working out how to hurt them the most.
Wasting their time is impossible to do, as there is always an idle ear waiting to answer the next call from a real potential victim. Every time I hear or see that I treat it with the absolute disdain it deserves, especially when it is said to garner likes & subscribes, or spread misinformation to the hordes of mindless minions who believe anything these professional liars tell them to believe.
These supposed self proclaimed experts I put in a special class of scam artist who does it purely for profit. The saving victims line is all a convenient narrative rhetoric used to keep the grift going.

The team of amazing experts I work with every single day of the year work tirelessly to shut call centres down via any means possible. We take over entire call centres sometimes several times daily. Taking control of their inbound calls and PBX systems, along with their entire computer networks.
We do not play amateur voyeur games to hopefully save victims after the fact they’ve already been scammed. We destroy the entire networks, turning their computers to irretrievable pudding. The only thing that can be done is a total format and reinstalling everything from operating system upwards all over again as there is zero possibility of retrieving any data at all.
There is one massive criminal network we took over almost 2 weeks ago and have continued to gather intel and answer incoming calls. The sheer volume of calls this network receives is overwhelming and is impossible for us to intercept them all. The scammers answer what we simply can’t and we deal with interrupting that as it occurs to stop them falling victim.

This is not one call centre, but dozens who all receive the inbound calls from what started out as around 100 mainly toll free numbers my search dialers initially located, has now turned in to in excess of 1400 active inbound numbers, both toll and toll free. Their system call logs have given us a lot of these other numbers and we’ve asked victims who have called in what number they dialed and where they got the number from. The answers have been almost overwhelmingly from Google searches for Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and every other company the traditional refund scam scripts impersonate. There also have been replies to blast emails with the same old refund garbage. This organization is massive and shutting them down is proving almost impossible. We’ve identified the main scam telco number provider they utilize for the majority of their numbers, along with the host of their PBX system. We’ve contacted these companies and told them we’re monitoring their criminal activities and they’ve basically given us the non family friendly middle finger and refused to stop their illegal activities associated with Indian scam organizations. The almighty US dollar may be waning on the world stage as the world currency but is still very much sought after by the lowlife fuckers and drives them to continue aiding and abetting international money laundering and fraud.
They will be exposed along with the other major scam company, undeniably the biggest con artist and fraud operation in the world, which is Google. They are hosting paid sponsor advertisements for these leeches which frequently show with searches for roughly 1 hour at a time each and then disappear as quickly as they appeared. New numbers replace old ones for the same fake company advertisements. No-one will be able to convince me or anyone that they have no idea what they’re doing to make money is immoral and completely illegal, as these advertisements quite clearly tag and other real websites, then have a number attached to these advertisements which directs the potential victims to call for support. We’ve even had victims call us to abuse us after they never received the items these scammers had ordered for them from catalogued website items from Amazon. These orders never arrived “on their front doorsteps” as promised by the Indian scammers. These have not been isolated incidents, which involve many millions of dollars these bastards have charged people’s direct debit and credit cards, for products the victims will never receive. I would guarantee a money or “product mule” somewhere has a load of computers, flat screen 80-inch LED TV’s or various other items people have called this fake company to order directly from them.

This is the biggest scam operation I’ve ever seen in the 31 years I’ve been doing this. I’ve busted through hundreds of call centres and taken over their systems but nothing comes close to the size and scale of this organization.
We’ve taken thousands of incoming calls and have managed to help every victim who was prepared to listen (many weren’t interested in hearing reason and will continue to be scammed through laziness and stupidity, unwilling to entertain the fact they’ve been scammed by “Amazon” or “Facebook”). Truly sad, but what can you do with these habitual, perpetual victims?
Most of them we’ve successfully uninstalled up to 7 remote desktop software applications that had been installed on their computers. Many had Anydesk and/or Teamviewer installed on their cell phones.
We can’t save them all, but we’ve hurt these scammers to the tune of several million dollars at a very conservative estimate.

This is ongoing and many numbers have appeared on this site. Always remember you are being recorded and heard. Keep the mindless systemic racism and bigotry to a minimum is all I ask. Calling just to illicit a swearing match with a childish soundboard or calling them a madarchode isn’t clever, nor funny. Neither is when a scammer hangs up a reason to break out into fits of uncontrollable raucous laughter, but it happens with almost predictable regularity. Calling them “bl–k n-gg–s” is about as low as anyone can possibly go, but certainly doesn’t surprise me. I’ve heard it all from many a YouTube and Twitch streaming expert unbeknownst to them over the months and years.
Name calling is inevitable but blatant racism is never warranted by our side of the fence or fight. Many scammers live in the gutter, racism and racial extremism is their thing and the only tool in their wheelhouse arsenal. Leave them with it and don’t bring it home. :+1:
Please keep it civil folks!

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I whole heartedly agree with you! BiggusPrickus has obviously dedicated his life to wiping out scammers, and his tireless efforts certainly show this in a big way. I haven’t seen anyone who does more and has proven to be more effective in this “war” against scammers. The information he posts here is a bright light at the end of a very long and arduous tunnel.

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Is that fun or what?

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Whenever I confront scammers during phone calls, there is admittedly a good deal of back-and-forth with some pretty “colorful” language. However, I always try to maintain using a degree of “honesty” with them, pointing out how they’re nothing more than prostitutes who steal money from innocent people in order to make their bosses rich, while selling out what good family name they might have once had. Resulting to racism lowers one to their level, and simply shows one doesn’t have the intellect to keep the conversation from reaching rock bottom. My grandfather used to say that using a curse word means that you don’t have the intellect or vocabulary to use other more effective words, and racist comments are the bottom of the barrel. It’s difficult to maintain even the smallest level of civility when dealing with these worthless scumbags, but I and others on my team draw the line at racism. Thank you for what you do @BiggusPrickus - you give us a lot of hope.

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This fool wants to try for round 27 after knockout blows in the previous 26 punishing massacre rounds. :grin:

Robocalling again and very much active right now

5104269109 PCH Todd Sloane claim code 7843155


8882850697 PCH Todd Sloane claim code 7843155

A real live dickhead , primed and ready to be slaughtered :clown_face: :partying_face: