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Voicemail (10:00pm est)

Robocall :arrow_down:

This is an automated message from the Mega Million. You are the lucky winner of $12.5 million 7000 weekly for life and a brand new 2023 C class Mercedes Benz inner monthly grand prize draw. Due to your subscription with the Reader’s Digest, congratulations. You are the newest winner. Our agents are standing by. Two assist you to claim your prize. Please contact the Claims Department by calling 480-63-0309. That is 480-630-3099. Our business hours are from Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 830 and 07:00 P.m., and on Saturdays 08:00 A.m. To 06:00 P.m… Mega Million would like to take time out to congratulate you once more. Have a nice day.

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480-630-3099 Reverend Reed Wednesday 5-24-23 4:20PM EST

Spoke with the “Reverend” yeah right. Wanted $185 to do the Lords work according to him they’ve gone religious.