Publishers Clearing House 239-266-9311

2392669311 PCH claim code# 9901


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They are asking for a wire transfer, and state ID. Dude was also using a voice changer. what the heck.


What a scam here!!! He got mad at me, and told me to **^$ at me because I would not do a wire transfer!

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Hard to believe that people actually go do this crazy wire transfer.

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He wanted 29,000 until I told him 1 percent is 38,000. When I called back he has a message from an IRS agent.

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he said 20,000 for me

(239) 266-9311

he’s answering! wanted to know how I got his number lmao, i told him off a friend who told me he was giving away free money particularly - I asked him for some free money and a murcAydeez, he cussed and claimed he didn’t know anything about it.

originally answered saying he is PCH, now he’s claiming he isn’t and threatened if I don’t stop calling he’ll give my number to the police. he told me to call +1 (800) 855-9192 when I asked him who’s number it was he claimed that is the actual PCH number I should call, I haven’t called it, he told me he looked up on a said website but wouldn’t give me the link then he quickly hung up on me.

239 666 9311 ,One of those dutch idiots answers the phone I start given him confirmation code he interrupts me and asks me where do get all our phone numbers , I say wouldn’t you love to know scammer than scammer hangs up.

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UPDATE: (239) 266-9311

He blocked me. :frowning:

(800) 855-9192
No answer, few rings then call drops

Answering! Quick to hang up.

239 266 9311
You have made to many calls in short amount of time.
Is the recording I get with this number.

I am blocked now on the 239 666 9311 after calling Australian

239-266-9311 Dave Sayer Monday 1-9-23 5:50PM EST

2392669311 PCH claim code 9901

Actively answering right now!!
I’ve been calling this goose a lot and hanging up instantly to warm the imbecile up for you all :joy: