Psalm 23:5

from: Ms. Maria Weaks [email protected]
to: [email protected]
date: Dec 20, 2022, 12:43 PM
subject: Psalm 23:5

May the peace of God be with you and your family.

I know it will be a great surprise reading from me today but consider
this is a divine intervention as Rev.Robert Godwin explained to my

My name is Ms.Maria weaks, a widow from Arizona USA, and I am
writing to you from my sickbed because I have been fighting cancer and
the doctors say I have only a few weeks left.
I want to entrust my money ($58.5 million USD) to your care for
charity purposes to help the less privileged as my late husband’s
relatives want me dead so that they will claim all my late husband and
I worked for.
I will tell you more about myself and what you need to do with the
money once you receive it.
Please write to me soon as my health is pretty bad and my doctors say
I will be moved to the intensive care unit anytime soon.
Have a blessed day and please do pray for me
God bless you.

Best regards
Ms. Maria weaks
CONTACT ME: [email protected]

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Is the Robert Godwin email a scammer’s email, or your email? :smiley:


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I sent old Maria an email. This should be interesting. I haven’t done an email scam in quite a while


I do them fairly often just because I don’t always have time to mess with phone scammers. Most of the ones I deal with these days want gift cards instead of having me send the fees through the Westy or Moneygram. Of course every request for gift cards is met with a firm slap for being so unprofessional :rofl:

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They’re dwindling, but still active.

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