PSA to all, including scammers

I know you are viewing this site, everyone.

I will be collaborating with people in this site to deploy scripts to lock down scammers computers with boot script. Also if you have a RAT on a scammers computer I might collerabrate with you guys to place the boot script on the scammer’s PC. No one is having any browser lockdowns in the foreseeable future. We will go and teach them a lesson. We should do a skype chat, R34P3R and koko. This is one level up then scambaiting. We are not playing, we are watching.

Scammers: Please turn off all your computers. Take down your fake popups, And Get a job somewhere else.

[“Psa to all, including scammers.”,“PSA to all, including scammers.”]

Feel free to email me [email protected], I’ll give you my skype or whatever you’d like!

Setting up the bait…

Would a batch virus work? I know this is harsh but one that deletes the entire computer.

I can do is each time they start up the computer, the computer shut down.

@Jnteamed#5202 Delete system32 to double computer speed.

@1337mathster#5203 Yep, always start computer in safe mode to triple computer speed.

@HumorousCharles#5194 I found some adware just for them.

Send Anywhere

I want to make something like memz.

This is the worst case scenario, I am already locked out of my computer

Flood their lan with UDP packets until they all lag out.

A few questions:

Do you have to encrypt a harmful batch file to make it fully undetectable?

Can you make it so you can't close the batch file even with the task manager?

Or we could have a file like this:

color c

goto x

But I wonder if we could make it so it would actually encrypt the files.

@HumorousCharles#5221 Bat script goes and download something like Send Anywhere (warning- tech support malware)

and auto set it up and reboots the computer.

Do you have a VM set up so i can team viewer to it?

And You don’t have to encrypt it because it delete itself after it is done.

My other computer got rekt.

@Jnteamed#5222 I have my vindows xp VM

You can call me on 4152367886

Not my real number.

@Jnteamed#5224 Does it trigger anti-wirus and if so how can I crypt it.

It doesn’t. I checked with windows defender.

Can you get teamviewer ID and passcode so i can show you what that can do?


Nice post man, i’d love to colab with you guys but as R34P3R and 1337mathster knows, I’m solo this days, trying to stay anonymous as much as i can, maybe one day.

But that doesn’t mean i wont leak scammers info here, i’ll keep everyone informed ?

Keep on rockin✌