PSA: SEO Scammers


Not sure if any members have noticed, but something the moderation team has seen in the past few months is an increase in scammers using the great SEO ([Search Engine Optimisation]( of the forum.

It's an incredibly stupid idea on the scammer's side. Advertising your scam on a scambaiting forum. Basically handing the scam to us. So, if you're a scammer reading this - Please continue to advertise your scam here and send us complaints via email when your post gets deleted.

If you're a scambaiter - Flag the post and a moderator will suspend the scammer, before editing the post to serve as another scam listing on our site for baiters to target.

I've listed some examples of these posts below:





\- Your Moderation Team


They will get no SEO from posting here anyway. All links use nofollow tags


pass the seo numbers on to me and I will make sure they rethink their decision 😄


hahahahah lol


**Note Down ………. okk 🤣**