Provarin Male Enhancement Scam - 800 749 6835

Scam Number: 800 749 6835
Scammer’s Website or Email: N/A
Additional information about this scam: received text


text lost me at sexy rocket lmfao


SHWING! :crazy_face:

I have thought of “it” as a helmeted warrior. I never have thought about “it” though as a sexy rocket.

I am gonna give 'em a ring now. What kind of sexy rocket? A solid-fuel sexy rocket? A liquid-fuel sexy rocket? A plasma rocket? A space rocket such as the enormous Saturn V used for the Apollo program?

I am on phone now with Lana (woman)

== == ==
EDIT: At first I asked her about the “sexy rocket” in the wife’s testimonial in the text message and I asked her what type of “sexy rocket” in terms of a sold-fuel rocket or liquid-fuel rocket or plasma rocket or is the erection going to be like the enormous Saturn V rocket used for the Apollo Space Program. I could not get her to answer. I then grossed her out to such an extent I guess that she hung up on me! She quit the call instead of doggedly trying to sell me the product.

I should not type here the things I went on to say and ask that grossed her out. I should not type here the manner in which I grossed her out verbally. She quit the call and hung up on me. I might have taken things a bit to far.

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Called and it sounded legit so I hung up. It was an American girl on the phone.

This number is active = 800 749 6835