Printer support, scam or not?

I was hunting for numbers and found a lot of free printer support sites, like this one:

Called them up, not sure what to think.
First of all they only support you if your printer is out of warranty otherwise they actually give you the HP support number. They ask for a serial, I only had an old Brother printer here, but that was good enough for them to connect via logmein despite being hp printer support.

Once connected, they did some useless things like pinging Hp site, but also genuinely seemed to try to find out why it wasnt detected on the wifi (VM using NAT obviously, but I couldnt tell that :) ). They did go eventviewer and pointed out all the "errors", they went to msconfig to show the stopped services. but I couldnt get them to bill or even propose anything, presumably until after they fixed the printer problem?

So Im not sure here. Im going to set up my environment so that they can actually make my printer print, and see what happens then. I suspect they will then propose me some pointless security program. At the same time, they where actually trying to help fix a printer problem for free, and they didnt abuse the remote connection in anyway (didnt look at history or documents, let alone syskey or whatever).

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100% scammers

Probably, it just seems a terribly inefficient scam and Im struggling to come up with a credible scenario to get to the next phase; my printer has to be out of warranty, not work and they have to be able to actually fix it.

It doesnt help that my printer is in another room, so I need network, and I dont want to run anything other than NAT on the VM.

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888 902 8333


More info:

11877 Douglas Rd Johns Creek, GA 30005 (UPS Store)

Shared address:



+1-888-817-0312 (shutdown)

Other number found:
11877 Douglas Rd Suite# 102187 Johns Creek, GA 30005

Previous references:

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evanspy’s number does not seem to go to a scammer.

I was looking for Hp printer support number on Bing when i found one Tech support Company which sounded pretty much scam giving me bullshit reason of my computer is infected and thats why my Printer is having issue. They have a ecommerce website where they are showing that they are selleing T-shirt, Footwere and Printer and Routers Only. Dont have any info where they are located and all.

TFN: 1-888-836-7072

I am not sure how to report about them.

I got the ip from the printer support with an ip grabber. I got on the chat of their website and claimed that I watched a tutorial online and he could click the link to check it out. It took 3 attempts but after, he clicked on the link. (related to the first post)

Date/Time 2019-08-09 03:36:27
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User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.140 Safari/537.36 Edge/17.17134
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piyush kumar jain



prince jain

ajay jain
11877 Douglas Rd Suite# 102187 Johns Creek, GA 30005

Owner behind MICSUPPORT
Name: Ajay jain
Contact: 1-770-873-9555
11877 Douglas Rd Suite# 102187 Johns Creek, GA 30005

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piyush kumar jain
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These people are running many websites of HP,Canon,microsoft,quicken and scamming innocent old aged citizens of our country.

Some of their scam websites 1-855-233-2220 1-800-331-2849 1-800-694-8578 1-800-699-3341 1-800-462-1427