Printer Scam (Quite Unique)

This one is a little booklet and I don’t recall seeing something like this.

Click here to view the booklet

Number is +1 (855) 490-2990

This is the front cover of the fraudulent booklet

The link to the scam website is down (the web hosting provider must’ve caught them defrauding people who use real Canon printers.

The link doesn’t work, but click here if you choose.

When I call this number, I get some sort of reservation information to fill out, nothing about a printer on my end…

Is the number legit?

Personally, I think it is a scam for many reasons.

Maybe it’s a hotel scam?

I am a little conflicted because when you call a scammer you have to think Hmm… is this really legit?

E.G this number has DTMF and voice recognition… It may just be a legit business…
I also did some research online and some other things as well, and it kinda looks legit on my end.

What does the research show?

Edit: It’s a Priceline number. The real company’s number is +1 (877) 477-5807. Talk to an agent about this situation and record the call if necessary.