"Premium Live Support" scammers



Admitted to scamming people on the phone. Have been calling them for hours they finally took the phone off the hook.

have called them hundreds of times at this point. Now they just answer and i say i’m going to knock them the fuck out and they say a few hindi curses and hangup


907 N Randolph street, Denvar, United States"



I wonder how much they spent on their domain name, just to make it look like shit.


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Where is the live chat on the site?


sorry friend i will use appropriate tags next time

they are answering right now. I’ve got these retards angry as fuck

They are mad now lol.

First time I called he was like “Oh Yea Baby Hahahahaha” and the second time he was like “You sound like an idiot”


EDIT: Sorry, it's working


working for me


It seems they start the call by telling you they need your credit card information and you must pay them a bunch of money before they proceed. They know my voice now and just instantly hang up after i scream at them.

I've told them my email is

[email protected]

and they don't get it until after i give them a fake CC number.

I call them and tell them my email is [email protected] and they go nuts!

Called them and told them i’m calling from Ghandi’s Sandal LOL

Looking good for me so far. I’ll update with what I find soon. https://i.hackersarise.co/opera_2017-06-29_20-06-14.png


could you explain what that is? I'm interested in learning more about this.

Are you running a vulnerability scan? @R34P3R#7965

@FuelDaFlame#7980 Of course.