Prank the shit out of these guys


Number: 844-699-8351

Keep calling them asking for a job.

@HumorousCharles#6357 Also say “is this the krusty crab?”

IP has been reported multiple times on AbuseIPDB

I called them out and told them their real location and they said “we like scamming people we make a lot of funds off of the young and elderly”


@User_Greg#6403 I hope they get arrested.

Report them to Indian Authorities @scraps210#6406

iam ringing them while posting this

You don’t have to share. @cp_reilly#6413

@FuelDaFlame#6414 lol

“computer health line”

Not trying to be rude but it is like me saying that I’m eating chic-fil-a whilst typing this. @cp_reilly#6413 @overloadog#6419

Did anyone actually get the job?

WHat job? @HumorousCharles#6477

Issue gone. Called them 5 times on conference call and kept calling. Now goes to vm as they disconnected the lines. In about 2 hrs time number will say it’s no longer in service.

Can I laugh if the line doesn’t go?

@FuelDaFlame#6483 go ahead… its now getting busy signal because I WAS RIGHT…lol and in about an other 1 to 2 hrs you will get a message saying number is not in service. The call again will get busy signal. Then call again will get number not in service but with different voice. I’ve been measing with scammers for long enough to know what happens when they disconnect their lines.

It is a joke dude. @Ec2k17#6490

@Ec2k17#6490 Calm down. Deep breaths…in…out…

I know only after 5 min. I was just to busy with my kids screaming.