PP Text ‪(818) 878-8192‬ & (816) 313-2201

Scam Number: ‪(818) 878-8192‬ & (816) 313-2201
Scammer’s Website or Email: Text came from Verizon cell #
Additional information about this scam: Vincent. 2nd number was call back/VM and he’s answering that.

Delivery achievement! To Deborah: Your P Y P L had been charged $380.70 to send Request ID #3883637-2882. to stop the report *18188788192

Hello, sir, this is Vincent from PayPal. I believe you have received a text from our end about your recent charges. I hope you know about all this and if you want you can give us a call back at (816) 313-2201 to fix it. Or else the money will be charged. Thank you. Have a great day. Bye.

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818-878-8192 Vincent Tuesday 2-13-24 3:02PM EST


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