Potential PCH or something similar

Checked my emails. Talkatone says someone called and left a voicemail (as of course I’m not on my phone rn and I have email notifications on).
Went to play the 11 second voicemail… White-Old sounding male… Maybe around his 30-40 or 50s tops said “Hello? … Hellooo??” before click (assuming he realised it was voicemail.)

Caller ID says: 862-227-2292

Might be a PCH calling back or something else. If anyone decides to call let me know what happens (I will try call in a bit.)

It a text now # … I just hung up
He may call back tho

Ah ok.
I just tried calling with no answer too…
Text now number - I’d say treat it as PCH or something for now lol.

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Yup😄… I iz

This is publishing clearing house. They have many numbers active at present.

Thought it would be them.