Posting Questions

I have had a Craigslist posting (for sale) for sometime now. And I understand I can choose to not include a text’ing number. (And I will go there if I have to.)

Bottom-line I’ve received a number of scamming attempts by numerous (out-of-area) phone numbers. Are these phone numbers of interest? …and how to I report them to you?

Wish there was a way to throw back 100’s of text messages to these numbers to try and make the numbers useless to the scammers.


Sure. Make a thread with a list of numbers. Remember to use the ‘Craigslist’ and ‘Phone Number’ tags. Also, please remember to provide proof as no legitimate person wants their phone spammed.


@Flame#11502 They are all similar. Something to the effect of: “still have it 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Great First Car - $4500??” or “Do you still have 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Great First Car - $4500 (Navarre)” or “Do you still have this for sale? 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Perfect First Car - $4500 (Navarre)” . All, start similarly, and then vary after being challenged. So do you need EACH number AND with EACH variation of the opening text? (That will take some time and effort.)

And - What do you mean by “nobody wants there (I assume valid) number spammed” ? Does that mean you fight back? Thank you, Dave H

@DWHeikkinen#11505 Don’t use your real name here. I imagine there are lone wolf scammers out there who cruise craigslist. Remove your number from public view. Have interested buyers contact you via email or private message. If you are selling an Eclipse, there isn’t much proof that someone is a scammer. Wait til you get phone calls and texts regarding different types of scams. List those numbers here. Remember, the numbers you post here are public. So if you give the text message associated with that number you may expose your identity to the scammer, if he were to view this website.

Okay, Jack. Now that I already registered using my brother’s name, how do I change it?

@myjackcity#11508 Jack, why do we care if they see their number here? Aren’t we trying to put them (their number) out of business?

@DWHeikkinen#11515 Let’s say you post number 555 555 5555 here that you received the following text message from: “Do you still have 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Great First Car - $4500 (Navarre)”. The scammer who sent that message can see your post. He knows that he sent that message to you on you real phone number. He now knows you exposed him. Another term for a scammer is an identity thief.

You can change it by creating a name change request using the ‘Request’ tag.