I see a lot of posts where little effort is used to format correctly.

This results in search engines not indexing pages properly, so if someone searched for a number they might not see the post.

Scammers like to use different post styles to evade spam filters, such as styling a number like " + 1 ** ( 888 ) - 888 - 8888 ).

Please make sure you correct these to look more like: +1 888 888-8888

Post titles should be like this: Scam Type | Number | Extra Info
Post titles should be as short as possible, please don’t make stupidly long titles.


This is a good way to format a post title also.


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is (XXX) XXX-XXXX are right written or +1 (XXX) XXX-XXXX ?

Both formats are fine, it’s preferred to have the dial code tho.

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Yeah, the DIAL CODE just helps us to know it is an American number because some threads created in this site have phone numbers from countries other than American, and foreign countries have a different DIAL CODE than America’s DIAL CODE 1. I have made a note for myself to use now “+1 (Area Code) ###-####” so that I remember if and when I create a thread to post a scammer’s phone number. For quite some time now I only get SPOOFED scam phone calls, so of course I do not create a thread and post them.

sometimes i do (050) XXX-XXXX but im not sure how people understand thats japanese number not us