Possibly the Worst CRA Scammers Ever!

437-637-0281 – I called SIX times! As the same person. Wow, are they, incompetent scammers! Oh, and dedicated Federal workers giving up their time to collect on a holiday! I even spelled my name wrong on purpose with one guy and he did not catch it. Derek Johnson sure has a lot of different voices!

(1) https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5be9d88a68656376c4550000/recording

(2) https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5be9d8d16865636fc6640000/recording

(3) https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5be9d98168656326002b0000/recording

(4) https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5be9dbcc68656375614f0000/recording

(5) https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5be9dede68656325e52e0000/recording

(6) https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5be9df426865637561550000/recording

Currently talking to Derek Johnson… what a joke…

They seem to be in chaos. The worst scammers.

@drwat#62810 I accidentally posted this three times and didn’t realize it until it was too late to delete it. I thought I had hidden it. Oops! I did a refund scammer. He talked in Hindi, I think, even though he said he was Pakistani. if you don’t mind could you translate what the heck he was saying? If it is not TOO indecent. ; )

@JusticeinTexas#62832 He is Indian. Very filthy. See my interpreted comments in that thread.

@drwat#62840 Thank you, my friend, I saw them. It is so very sweet of you!

Hell, they asked me today how to spell Ottawa… LOL

Hell I’ve called them back 15-20 times today, spoofing their own intake feed number, then I give them a previous orificer’s name… They truly are stupid, I also spoofed USA numbers, Tech Support and fake IRS numbers…

@Darrell64#62845I cannot believe they stayed with the same phone number for three days. They really are dumber than dumb!

@JusticeinTexas#62937 Hell they had one London, Ontario(226-721-1239) number that is up for three weeks, still you french agents.


@Darrell64#62945 I just called it and it is StILL UP! Anna Smith could not understand that I was in the Mohican Tribe and that my father files my taxes because he is head of the Tribal Council. Not too bright, these CRA scammers!

@JusticeinTexas#62955 Even better give an address in Kitigan Zibi tell them you refuse to pay taxes as Ottawa and Parliament is on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin nation. You refuse to pay white man’s taxes.

@Darrell64#63001 HAHA! That is a good one!

I called them yesterday, almost 2 hours, they are so dumb.

Dreux Scam Call by n n | Free Listening on SoundCloud