POSSIBLE type of insurance scammers

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Scam Number: (623) 293-1812
Domain Used: (n/a)
Extra Info: At the time of writing this post, about 15 or so minutes ago, the same time my phone died and I went to put it on charge. It turns out I received a call, of course, having not been able to answer due to my phones temporary death, I chose to callback of course. He didn’t pick up… Voicemail read he’s a B i think (Someone) I think it was a Brian or something, can’t quite remember. Apparently he’s with some insurance company, unclear what the name was, asked for me to leave my details and when the best time was to call. I called a few minutes later just to try again. He answered, claims I called earlier this morning and was just actually returning a missed call. Told him no, and he was like oh right we received a ton of calls from different states, we’re just returning back all the calls blah blah blah, he said it must have been some error and apologised for “interrupting” my day. I can’t tell whether I fucked up his script. I am not sure whether this is a scam COMPANY impersonating or no. He’s not indian that’s for sure too which doesn’t help and by the way he handled this, i can’t tell FOR SURE. For me, a part of me says yes and a part of me says no. Either way, can anyone do a small investigation on this number and let me know what’s found out? Just to be on the safe side.