Possible Scammer Forum?

I just had a scammer on the old VM and I was expecting the classic support.me. However, he had me go to an interesting webpage that was all in Punjabi and couldn’t be translated. Whatever he wanted me to download wanted special access to my network, so I canceled the download and fished around the site. Turns out, there was a link in whatever was written and it led to a whole forum: takala.co.il/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=9 If any of you guys can translate it and figure out what’s going on, that would be great.

Warning: Please open this on a VM. I have no idea what's hiding on this site.

Who.is Info:

query: takala.co.il
reg-name: takala
domain: takala.co.il
descr: dudu shalev
descr: daliot 5
descr: rosh-hayyin
descr: 48580
descr: Israel
phone: +97239384547
e-mail: [email protected]
admin-c: LD-DS10380-IL
tech-c: LD-DS10380-IL
zone-c: LD-DS10380-IL
nserver: park1.livedns.co.il
nserver: park2.livedns.co.il
validity: 17-06-2019
DNSSEC: unsigned
status: Transfer Locked
changed: domain-registrar AT isoc.org.il 20070617 (Assigned)
changed: domain-registrar AT isoc.org.il 20070628 (Changed)
changed: domain-registrar AT isoc.org.il 20070628 (Changed)
changed: domain-registrar AT isoc.org.il 20160523 (Changed)
person: dudu sharabi
address daliot 5
address rosh-hayyin
address 48580
address Israel
phone: +97239384547
e-mail: [email protected]
nic-hdl: LD-DS10380-IL
changed: domain-registrar AT isoc.org.il 20070617
registrar name: LiveDns Ltd
registrar info: http://domains.livedns.co.il

I guess the CEO is Dudu Sharabi, and there are possible references of other members.

Great job. That’s really interesting. Any idea what the intended purpose of the site is?

@DubliuDubliuDubliu#79297 Not sure. I will look into it once I have the opportunity and my computer set up for it.

If you want to catalyse the process, you can just setup a vm along with a vpn, and enter that website on it. I'm currently busy irl and I can only start investigating around the weekend.

You will hear news from me by then.

@DubliuDubliuDubliu#79297 Translated from Hebrew it looks like a typical Tech Support Forum, most entries are old, going back more than 10 years. Didn’t find anything scammy about the site, seems mostly abandoned with only a few unanswered recent questions.

I didn’t find anything about the domain that was suspicious. I think the scammer on the phone just blew you off with that url, probably this one perhaps:


Forgot to say the link in the Forums that says Software is where that goes.