Possible Consequences?

So, I just got into the art of Scambaiting. Up until now I just got up to the point before remote access.

Recently I wanted more and I setup a VM on my old laptop and wasted more time from scammers.

Are there any dangers if they get access of the virtual machine? What is reccomended after the call ends and the remote access is stopped?

Thanks in advance.

I have also just gotten into scambaiting and I set up my virtual machine yesterday. There are no negative effects. I highly recommend using a Virtual Machine to waste the scammers’ time.

Just restore to a snapshot. There’s nothing to really worry about considering most scammers are complete idiots.

Ok then thanks a lot! I guess this will be my new hobby for a while :grin:

Like others have said, there’s nothing to worry about. It is not necessary to do anything after the remote access is finished. Have fun :slight_smile:

@CNIona1#10215 I highly recommend using a VPN so they cant trace your IP.

@FOXYCallum1#10339 This.

They might even go and DDoS you.