Pop-up scam 888-340-5318

Scam Number: 888-340-5318
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888-340-5318 Malechode Monday 12-12-22 10:19AM EST

call back 916-530-3580

Called back from this number
‪(904) 785-5652‬

call back: (916) 637-4440

904-785-5652 Still Active Malechode Wednesday 12-14-22 11:34AM EST

904-785-5652 Still Active Malechode “Hello” Tuesday 1-3-23 3:04PM EST

904-785-5652 Still Active Malechode Thursday 1-5-23 8:53PM EST

he said wrong number (i knew it wasn’t the wrong number) but i js apologized (didn’t mean it obviously scammers are horrible people) but then he proceeded to swear at me and hang up lol this guy’s so mad

It’s gone now