Police in Europe shuts down 12 scam call centers, arrests 21 in Op. PANDORA

On April 18, 2024, national police agencies in Germany :de:, Albania :albania:, Bosnia-Herzegovina :bosnia_herzegovina:, Kosovo :kosovo: and Lebanon :lebanon: raided 12 separate call centers and arrested 21 associated with a criminal network responsible for facilitating fake police calls, investment fraud and romance scams.

  • The operation was part of Operation PANDORA, which started as a large-scale German investigation after a bank teller grew suspicious when a customer, in December 2023, asked to withdraw €100,000 ($107,266) to pay a fake police officer.
  • Investigators found that the numbers were used to facilitate thousands of scam calls per day and, instead of taking the numbers down, opted to set up their own call center to monitor these calls in real time.
  • Of the 21 individuals arrested, nine are believed to have been in charge of the whole operation. Over €1 million in cash and other assets were seized during the raid,

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