Points on Profile

Looked at my profile and realized I had some points. Just wondering how the point system works.

@CrustyEyeBalls#4650 The reputation system is essentially to show how active you are, and once you get to 100 points you can request to become a ‘Well Known’ member. I take the users reputation into consideration when moderating as well.

@R34P3R#4653 How do you request to become a well known member?

There are now two systems, Reputation, and Upvotes.

You gain 3 Rep from creating a new thread, and 1 from replying to a thread.

Upvotes are gained from… well getting upvotes from user users.

Up votes, affect the Ranking, I have 23 since 5/22/2017.

More you have, you go up on the Ranking. It’s that simple.

Up vote someone on a post by clicking like on the bottom corner.

Oh and one more thing, apparently, the top 3 on the leader board are all moderators, how unusual.

@Jnteamed#4720 Well, I’m not active because I’m a moderator, I just genuinely enjoy this community.

Ok, i get it. Everyone does their thing.

@Jnteamed#4720 such subtle shade throw…