Point Break Solutions - (866) 291-1356

This company makes outgoing calls to small business owners claiming there’s an issue with your Google My Business listing. They are not at all legit. They keep changing their business name as well between “Point Break Solutions” “Point Break” and “Point Break Media.” They refused to give me their business address.

(866) 291-1356

Michael is extremely professional when it comes to business practices. There is a company pretending to be PointBreak Solutions that calls me from the phone number (470-250-6733) / 866-291-1356 wanting to verify my Google listing. Company claims they are PointBreak solutions when they’re not.

Talked to Michael from the REAL PointBreak Solutions (pb-sol.com), sent him the audio files of the robocall and my conversation with them where they claim to be PointBreak Solutions. Michael was extremely professional about it.

While I've never done business with PointBreak Solutions, I like the ethics that they demonstrated over the phone in regards to this issue of another "business" impersonating them. Professional business ethics are one of the many keys to a successful business. Well done and thanks again for taking the time to listen to me about this issue. Hope you get to the bottom of this so this fake company stops scamming small business owners.