I am not entirely which initial email got me this, or if this slipped through the spam filter, but I got this mail from:
Rebecca Halstead [email protected]

I am very happy to read from you today, thank you very much for your
mail. How are you doing over there in your country, I hope you are
fine. As my heart directed me to contact you, I believe I have found a
good friend in you. About myself, my name is Rebecca. Halstead, I’m
24 years old, never married. I’m from Sudan in Africa but now
living in St Louis Catholic Orphanage home here in Dakar Senegal due
to the civil war in my country. My late father Mr. Steven Halstead
was in politics and also a contractor, he supported the ruling
government before the rebels attacked my family one morning, killing
my father and my mother with my two younger brothers. It is only me
who is alive now because I was in school doing my first year in social
science at the University of Sudan when this happened. l managed to run to
this country Senegal where l am staying now. In this female hostel
where I live, we are only allowed to go out on a few days of the
week. It is like staying in prison. I don’t have anyone to go to, my
relatives ran away during the war. The only person that I go to here
is Rev. Fred Martins who is a reverend father here and he allows me to
check my mail with the computer in his office. He is like a father to
me because he has been very good to me here. The Reverend’s Phone
number is ( +221774185740) if you call and tell him you want to speak
with me Rebecca, he will send for me from the hostel to answer you.

I want to come out of here and to come over to your country and to
finish my study. Please listen to this, my late father when he was
alive deposited ($4.6m) four million six hundred thousand US dollars in
a bank in Europe with my name as the next of kin. I have his
certificate of Deposit and death certificate here with me. I want you
to help me transfer this money to your account in your country so that
you can also send me some money from there for me to get my traveling
documents and air ticket to come over there to meet with you because I
have nothing with me here to do anything. I don’t want to go back
because I’m afraid of the enemies and the Government that murdered my
family, that was also why I am here now. I keep this secret from others
here, I don’t want them to know who I am or what I have. Please I
will also like you to keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone.
I am afraid of losing my life and the money if people know about it.
I’m telling you all this about myself with trust, hoping you can help
me. Please I want you to understand my situation here.

I really need your help, please if you can help me. I like honest,
understanding, and God-fearing people. My hobbies are music, reading,
writing, etc. I have attached my picture for you, hoping to see
yours. My favorite language is English. Please, I will like it if you
can call me for us to speak. Think about me and my situation here,
please not just for fun. Have a nice day, hoping to hear from you soon

Best wishes

Rebecca. Halstead

I tried the email. Let’s see what happens…

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