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Hi everyone,
So I called many scammers yesterday (paypal, ebay, tex upport) and I noticed something strange:
Also I wanted to mention that I usually don’t stay on the call for long because I connect them to my vm and then I reverse the connection so once I reverse it I usually stay for a little bit like 5 minutes so that they don’t get suspicious (I imagine they would be a little bit suspicious if they connected to a victim and once they did the victim hung up lol)
But this time these scammers were using windows 10 and some bosses were using windows 11 and I don’t work on zero days anymore. So I just wasted their time. One thing in common though is this website
Website (Dangerous):
Ok this isn’t really dangerous unless you download the executable that it will download
So basically if we manage to get this website reported as phishing, they won’t be able to scam victims anymore. So please report this to
Google safe browsing Report a Phishing Page
Microsoft SmartScreen Αναφορά τοποθεσίας Web (


Looks like it’s the same scammers running different scams.

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This 777sup… download shady remote control software “Screen Connect”. The scammers can login w/o your permission. It becomes a Windows service which one should stop and disable it in Windows services. I saw many scammers use following URLs for the same "Screen Connect:

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Yes, I’ve run across the “secure code” bit many times. I usually am using a Linux distro in my VM so the file that’s downloaded never runs and they can never figure out why so they switch to Anydesk or Teamviewer. Ultraviewer also doesn’t work (it’s a Windows executable) in Linux so they spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out why.

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Yeah. Ultraviewer is vietnamese crap so they only made a windows version lol

Same scammers… Geek Squad