Please remove this

Hi please try to remove the error I always get while trying to pass through the captcha of your website

“Site couldn’t communicate with the captcha provider.”

After this I have to solve the challenges such as tick the street signs etc…aand after 5 minutes I get access to this website

Try white listing my IP,maybe.Thunder.


I whitelisted your IP.

Please, FuelDaflame, The admins “fix it”. If you wanted to put nevermind, please delete your posts. That way, it is easier to read the posts. _ Done

@Jnteamed#6823 I think you’re on the wrong thread.

No he isn’t @1337mathster#6825. You realize you still keep the clutter since you and I can still see the deleted post. @Jnteamed#6823

@FuelDaFlame#6828 I still have no clue what’s going on. This was an​ ip whitelist request post and somehow you guys are talking about a deleted post?

The "deleted post is solved. I can not see the post and you can not see the post.

Stay on topic please.