PLEASE MASS REPORT THIS SEXTORTION SCAMMER, I also got their IP and phone details


evelynjill_32 and evelynjill_2 on Instagram

evelyn_jill on Snapchat


Lagos Nigeria

another person I could with my scam bait. they use Snapchat to collect the child pornagraphy that they use as blackmail, and they use Instagram to threaten the victim and create group chats to “leak stuff to”. this person actually did leak the pics ( got them from P*** H** lol)I sent them but that’ll make it easy for me to ban them. and do what you can with the internet and phone details I got from them, I have videos with the full details and them leaking but they’d have to be censored.


Can you get a number?

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no, i do have some money mule numbers from one of my last catches tho


Welcome! @jamesmartin

I sent friend requests to both from two of my fake Instagram accounts

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Post them

hi mehnamesjeff

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I have a tip for you if you have a vendetta against the Yahoo boys specifically the ones who do blackmail learn Yoruba it’s the Yahoo boys language. If trick them that you are a fellow Yahoo boy you get more personal information like I have posted in previous posts of mine as examples.

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oh my ghosh

where do i find the blackmail yahoo boys?

Telegram WhatsApp and Facebook.

[email protected] there the email sent to my 14 year old family memeber who they targeted. Sent it content to others, because he couldn’t send the money they wanted. A 14 year old special needs child. I also have the tiktok with the picture they used on it but ths idiot actually started posting videos of himself on it.

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