Please Find Out Him!

Hello there!

There is a grubby scammer, Who is promoting Fake Link to Hack Facebook accounts, then black Mail ppl.

Please give me this scammers is info to find out that, so he can learn Lesson!

Please also find out the logins info of Facebook accounts store file.

Phishing Link:

Short Link: <>
Facebook Page:

I’ve reported each and everything


Thanks Soo much!

@XAbu#193777 welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: lol

Linktree account is now blocked: Linktree | Blocked Account

Github account banned:


Wow You Guys are Geniuses!!

Millions of Thanks!

He’s back with lmao

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reporting, we'll see what it does

It’s a success, the blog was taken down.

Blog is down.