"Please call back from the number we've called you"

Has anyone else gotten this when calling back a number that called them? It happens to me at least twice a day. They’ll call (the calls usually aren’t flagged as scams by my carrier). When I pick up it’s just silence for 12 seconds and then the call drops. When I call the number back (using a different phone) i just get a recording saying “please call back from the number we’ve called you, we do not recognize this number.” If you actually call back from the number you were called at, it just gets stuck at “calling…” before the call fails. What’s going on?

One example that happened just now is +1 (341) 210-9199

Could be a number of things, either they fucked up the configuration of their PBX system or just making it drop calls

I come across several hundred of these every day, in all area codes and toll free prefixes.
There are a myriad of robocall centers who know precisely the numbers they have called and when the incoming calls don’t match their outbounds, the system kicks the calls to the shit pile.
There is a big possibility due to the volume of these active numbers that they could be neighbour spoofed by other robocallers.

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It could be done system to automatically check a leads list they was obtained from a data broker or other means. It could also be a hsil Mary st finding numbers. But in either case, it’s probably just checking your CID against its database of called numbers, if there’s a match then the system probably marks the number as live and disconnects.

Could be a good way to clean leads lists off of dead numbers, people who don’t call unknown numbers or other robo dialer numbers. I wouldn’t call back because that’s probably just adding you to a list of active numbers that can be sold to others