Picotech scammers - 877-263-1012

Just called me - PICOTECH shows up on my call display


I used the OwnagePranks soundboard on them. It works.

They DO NOT like when you call them by their scammer name, PICOTECH. They go crazy.


i said your a ben chod it means mother fucker in hindi try that

@Lukethegamer888#8294 it actually means sister fucker

I dont know how to spell it but say (terry-maki-choot)


bhenchod = sisterfucker

madarchod = motherfucker

betichod = daughterfucker

kukarchod = dogfucker

bakrichod = goatfucker

teri ma ki chut = Your mom’s vagina

bhen ke lode = Sister’s dick

bhosdi ke = cuck/whore’s husband

lode jesi shakal ke = you look like my dick

lund chuse = cocksucker

randi = prostitute

randi ka choda = son of a bitch

["Picotech scammers - 877-263-1012 ","VERY ABUSIVE!!! Picotech scammers - 877-263-1012 "]

@memes#8298 Thanks. This helps hahaha. Saving this list somewhere!


Me: U are Picotech right

Scammer: No we are not picotech

me: u are picotech

Scammer: No we are not

Me: yes u are

Scammer: Stop calling

Me: ok bhenchod

Scammer: Some indian insult

Me: kk teri ma ki chut

Fule da flame or (I’m a flame) got it from google ing hindi swear words and clicking on the first/second link.

Lol, i he asked me if i was Microsoft and i said no and he said i can help him anyway so i said alright and i told him to close the laptop screen and shout bhenchod at it really loud and he actually did it. He acted like he as at home or something saying that someones helping me with his computer to his mum. He is crazy lol. He acted like he was locked outside banging on the door to his mum. He acted like a 12 year old, real crazy. He also started praying to allah at one point.

Wow he said he was gonna send certain toys over to my house lol

What a creep.

@SuperLinkBro#8579 Yeah these guys are fucking crazy


Lol luckily I got back at him by saying “why did you make them?”

He got so angry and told me to shut up lol

@SuperLinkBro#8581 Yeah my guy was acting like a child

these guys are mad funny, i used one of the curses posted above and he started trying to have a conversation w me in hindi



They are a genuine company. May be their sites and contacts got hacked.

This is totally wrong, @trustednerd#8325 you are on the wrong track. They helped me several times. Whenever I have any problem with my computer I call them and every single time they helped me out.

petmccny u r correct, they r helping me from last 2 year. might be possible someone used their phone number to scam… I just called them yesterday and they fixed my computer.