Pick a Scam Lead Generators: 419-576-1641, 903-412-9602, 832-937-4141, 832-937-4147

Scam Number: 419-576-1641 and 903-412-9602
Scammer’s Website or Email: None
Additional information about this scam: Your typical illegal robocallers lead generators. They both called from spoofed numbers and left annoying voicemails. If you call them back, it is your typical pick-a-scam scum.

Guess who the carrier is? PEERLESS NETWORK filth. @MehNamesJeff @MajorLeeAwesome @Jhawk @Hviezdoslav @drwat @CatMan @LordOfTheRings


Same old this call may be recorded for training purposes. Then a recording asking what you are calling for. I said gift card. They sent me to a list of available offers.
Vacation or trip
Home Services
Elderly Assistance
Insurance Savings
Home Improvements
Valuable Gift Card

I pressed 6 and of course they could not assist me. It went into a loop about the gift card.
Got the chipmunk man and Chopin music (which I have leaned to hate) and nobody ever answered.


Thank you for sharing. I spoke with them about 1 hour ago. Whenever there is this annoying Chipmunk Man and Chopin music, it is usually indicative of Merkavoix/Sansom (@drwat and @OfclyGoodenough are very familiar with these assholes).


These criminals are active now. I called them back and pressed option 3 for “Elderly Assistance”. I got a foreign criminal on the line. Option “4” was answering too.


The “Chipmunk-voiced” scammers are still very much active. They called back from the following numbers:

(832) 937-4141 832-937-4141 | 18329374141 - Phone Scam Alert! - Nomorobo
(832) 937-4147 832-937-4147 | 18329374147 - Robocaller Warning! - Nomorobo

@Jhawk @CatMan @MehNamesJeff @Masturbaiter @T-REX @drwat @Tillianne @LordOfTheRings - look at this Peerless scum refusing to take them down!


Here is another one - 830-988-0561. It is funny that they keep using Texan area codes.

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