Photoshop help?


Can anyone here make me a fake (return) flight ticket that I can send to a scammer? I will post the actual 419 info separately when done baiting, of course. The scammers (partner?) in this is claiming he wants me to fly out to Dubai International Airport for some verification check, or some bullshit lol, as soon as possible, with $50,000 in cash. I told him I will organise some time off work for this and I will contact him soon. He claims he will be sending a representative to meet me at the airport when I “fly” out. I am stalling at the moment:

Depature: JFK (Wednesday 15th of June 2022 - Any time works?)
Arrival: DXB (Leaving on Saturday 25th of June 2022 - Any time also works)
Airlines: American (Preferably)
Adults: 1
Children: 0
Passenger Name: Jacob Rogers
Passenger DOB: Thursday 5th of January 1995

I plan to send him a fake ticket, then later on start claiming my flights been delayed BLAH BLAH BLAH

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Not sure if this is gonna work, but I found this online and edited the info. You can resize it, print it and take a photo with your phone. I blurred it slightly so the Qcode don’t work.

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Thanks! I’ll try it out. :slight_smile: