Phishing mail with domain

Received: from

From:| Retirement [email protected]

Subject: how to protect your savings from the Fed’s misdeeds?

Links :

http://polatemlakhaninsaat . com/857x99ape/trhRcJKg_RGTdWEL24LTDJIihJKSD4Yrh0YnqRMoqBMih0qTMr-/8j39o
http://polatemlakhaninsaat . com/pwgm/trhRcJKg_RGTdWEL24LTDJIihJKSD4Yrh0YnqRMoqBMih0qTDd-/se6b
http://polatemlakhaninsaat . com/w7vx7z5dv9/trhRcJKg_RGTdWEL24LTDJIihJKSD4Yrh0YnqRMoqBMih0qTDG-/zv599oczct
http://polatemlakhaninsaat . com/sno8wu2nge/trhRcJKg_RGTdWEL24LTDJIihJKSD4Yrh0YnqRMoqBMih0qTLG-/kkc3h

IP is in Los Angeles, CA, but it could possibly be a VPN. I have an app that tracks IP’s. I had a hard time doing research on this IP.

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