Phisher phishing hundreds of thousands of credit cards a month

above mentioned website is a phisher phishing hundreds of thousands of credit cards a month in the guise of selling viagra online. Above all its a illegal drug store selling prescription drugs online. His target seems to be mostly old folks. So when you go to his website. Click on buy now. add any product to the cart.

Go for the checkout and at check you can enter the fake credit card details from any fake credit card generator website. I use this one. Credit Card Generator - Fake Credit Card Numbers

it gave me these two fake numbers i used one among them.

3597818356795060 EXP 04/30, CVC: 136

i entered it in the website.

And the order is placed

These cards are then phished and used on merchants created by these scamsters. the hard hitting way is to report it to mastercard and visa. If mastercard and visa catch these guys using gateways assigned to other businesses for any other purpose they fine them $25,000 USD for every instance. So this action removes financial incentive for the phishers and penalizes them. Also this website is hiding behind cloudflare. So hard to find the server IP and report to hosting and domain provider is unresponsive. i have sent multiple complaints there.

When you check for whois information of the domain it reveals phishers real identity and seems to his home address. phisher is from india and this also reveals his real email

website is 301 days old seems to be phishing since a long time without any issues.