Pharmacy Scammer

Fake India US Pharmacy Scammer Number try this one 18884121786 or this one 8884121786 but when you call both number some time it works but if you call it it might not work it will say welcome to live links chat room hang up and keep on trying but if you keep on trying it will work for you and they give me my order number for my back pain medicine order number is

170711234054 .

Tried the 8884121786. First time its the US pharmacy, 2nd time its suddenly a dating line lol. Had some fun messing with them, bhenchods.

@TwentyPho7#9191 Hey how did you call them what did you call them with ?

@michael221805#9251 Called them with FireRTC on my computer, extremely useful app for Google Chrome, you can change numbers if they catch on to you :smiley:

Completely free too!

@TwentyPho7#9270 I have use FireRTC to call that number and I change my caller ID number and the number works for me .

Don’t put fake, and scammer in the same sentence lol

["Fake India US Pharmacy Scammer Number ","Pharmacy Scammer "]

@FuelDaFlame#9320 Ok Lol.