"Pharmacy Alliance" +1 (318) 710-2156 [CALL CENTRE]

“Ange(la?)” - Diabetic Supplies +1 (318) 710-2156. Claims it’s a benefit of my non existent health insurance. Already had my fake info, ‘confirmed’ I am (obviously not) with UNITED HEALTHCARE.

Told her my Primary “Doctor” John Doe (yes, the dumb bitch believed the name) supposedly practicing in Michigan City (somewhere) recommends I test my blood sugar at least 5 times a day. Told her yes I take metformin although I don’t, and I am prescribed insulin (not!) via syringe. Told her no allergies. She was typing something on her dextop claiming she was trying to find my doctor for whatever reason, told her I’d only seen him yesterday. Sent her round in circles for minutes. Told her I have no other insurance. She told me they have no available pharmacy in my given location. SO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THE CALL? Claimed it was only to “check”.

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Carrier: Onvoy via Neutral Tandem
Status: Instant hang.