PG&E Unpaid Balance Power Shutoff Threat Scam

Robodialed from spoofed number, claims to be PG&E and “your power will be turned off in 30 minutes” unless you call the scammers number and presumably give them money.

Evil scammer needs to be pounded…

The number left in voicemail to call is:



I called them 40 times tonight they weren’t too happy I gave the address of a government building and they still went along to say I owed money :joy:

My old scammer friend Alex, first heard his voice on Youtube Hoax Hotel. Anyway, they called one of my office lines claiming to be from ConEd and would be turning off my power. Here is the number they left me to call: 800-957-7801. Same scammers.

Number isn’t dialling anymore :joy:

@naive#121161 800 number seems like a legit number.


It went from ConEd in NY to PG&E California, and now Rochester Gas and Electric??