Peerless/Fusion Connect Reporting Thread

Peerless Network appears to be a reseller carrier. They have already been issued a cease and desist letter from The FTC earlier this year [color=#][color=#](March 17, 2023, can be viewed here)[/color][/color]

Peerless & Fusion Connect were once responsible carriers who took action on abuse reports. However, in mid-2023 they started doing business with resellers who refuse to act on legitimate complaints, which results in Peerless & Fusion’s current poor reputation. Below are the email records that were sent numerous times to these carriers about the scams that are running on their network. No action was taken despite the claims of forwarding the abuse reports to the resellers on Peerless and no response was ever received from Fusion Connect about the numerous Spectrum scams on their network. The numbers are still live as of the time of this writing. Recordings of the fraudsters introducing themselves as “QuickBooks” and “Spectrum” are also included.


256-861-5942: Diabetic Care Scam (Live)
754-203-7787: Diabetic Care Scam (Live)

The above numbers were reported days ago but remain live. They were also running Zelle and Apple Technical Support scams before switching to Diabetic Care scams (they will answer as “Diabetic Care”)

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844-379-3552: Amazon technical support Scam (Live and very irritable)

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747-212-9422 goes to a support agent called Barry most of the time. Active since June. Most recently active yesterday: “Thank you for calling support. My name is Barry. How can I assist you today?
“If you want to activate any channel or application then you need to tell me”

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Still no update/response from Peerless since this “confirmation email”. Yes. The number is still live.


Update. The above number has been terminated :partying_face:

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