PCTech is Dead

Is pctech dead can anyone confirm???

i am trying to get to them but the calls get disconnected



It is, Indeed, Dead, as well is the website. Their other number and website related to Kangaroo Tech is also down, we still have access to their IP PBX control panel, but they deleted all the call logs, most likely because we had called ~200 victims from early September and they realized they had been caught.

Scambaiters: 1 - Scammers: 0

@R34P3R#4314 good job m8.

Nice, one less scammer company available to even have a chance of fixing my VM.

@R34P3R#4314 i think it is not advisable to write that here as they might check it and know what going on as scammer do check this website

What is Pctech

@Soriental#4373 its a tech support company pctechsupport.com

@harry99#4365 Do I care? Not really. The password may change, my access will not.

@harry99#4365 I know, But If they check this site; My VM are pretty rigged up. I can call them as many times until they fix it. Plus the scammers don’t know what is a VM.

why do we use vending machines? Because they can dispense free drinks to us.

@Jnteamed#4409 ??? …

The number is back up again i just called someone picked up the call i was trying to call them from day before yesterday but got connected today


Scammer please note dat we are calling you to get you guys to scam the vending machines to get free coins at chuck e cheeses. We are so badddddddd…

@Jnteamed#4432 ???

@harry99#4436 We are so evil, and we never get caught because you wanna know why?

The scammers do all the work. And we are freeloading chucks e cheeze.

Get bags of coins mailed to our headquarters at CIA, floor 5 cubicle J for no reason.

Hey scammers, try hard to date me because we just freeload chuck e cheese. Meet u there at chuck e cheeze. In the us NOT INDIA.

Too much for you scammers?
Don't judge a profile picture, And quit your job b-e-f-o-r-e after you get caught.

Scammers, good job syskeying the Chuck e cheese VM because now they have to replace syskey with some bogus syskey.

Guess chuck e cheese has to hire scambusters.

Scammers reading this?

Let’s syskey all the chuck e cheese VM!

Nonsense Windows 7

I called you guys and you didn't respond to my hold music. How rude we are on the same side. The dark side. We ran out of cookies except tracking cookies.

Called them again and they have the hold music. Come on scammers; I can call you until …

@Jnteamed#4444 they picked my call last night keep trying they might and if they do try to rat them and btw you are funny ???

PsA to all scammers.

If you shut down your phone number mean you get caught by chuck e cheese. But we can change traffic light signals because they run on VM OS.

Don’t worry about RATs, Chuck e cheese store all their info on the RAT.exe. Just run it to collect costomer’s credit card details.

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