Pchelpus.com Popup SCAM ( Microsoft impersonation )

Scammer’s Number: (888) 707-7988 / (712) 340-4268

Domains Used: https://softwareproconsulting.com / http://pchelpus.com / https://usa-pc.com

Extra Info: https://www.bbb.org/us/wa/bothell/profile/computer-hardware/tech-philosophers-llc-1296-90006858

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The second number (712)-340-4268 says it’s forwarded to the inbox of Phillip Parker. Not sure what’s going on here. The first one didn’t work.

lately they are running away really fast, as soon as they get like 5 calls they change number or they stop answering

owner Mr. Kuldeep Ahlawat, Owner
aka Tech Philosophers

they run a LOT of popups, once I called them on 888 203 4618 and I guess I talked with their money mule since whoever answered had an american accent.
He told me that some technician would call me back after a while so he is not answering phone calls usually, he must be the owner/manager of their shield company in the US.

I called a there and picked up to ‘‘John Baker.’’ I heard them talking in hindi in the background about some sort of new scam. I heard somebody say in hindi ‘‘This refund one is new.’’ I don’t know if they run the refund scam or they are trying to be amazon or paypal etc now. A

They are still active with popup, I found more websites owned by them : https://virus-pros.com/

A money mule accepts illegal payments - that isn’t the same as directly scamming. Scammers can most certainly can be based in the US, or hire US citizens, although it is statistically less likely.

just checked the status of https://softwareproconsulting.com and https://virus-pros.com both sites run by same group of scammers however when doing the whois both domains come back as not registered and up for sale. no idea whats going on but the sites are still active ive not called to see if the numbers are yet. softwareproconsulting has a zip file located at https://softwareproconsulting.com/softwareproconsulting.zip which contains all the assets for the site including a “backup”